7 Steps To Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship Success Guide
Take the Test
Answer these questions to find out your Good Relationship Score. Read each question and give it a score from 0 (0 = that you have no insight into the answer) up to 10 (10= that you absolutely have the knowledge and insight, or you are doing this already).

Always go with your first instinct and answer, it's generally the right one. The number you scored will be explained at the end of your quick test. Now write down your score for each question, giving you a total score for the 7 questions.
  • I have the insight to recognise if Mr Right is right for me beyond chemistry and attraction.

  • ​I am clear about who my Mr Right is.

  • ​I understand how I could be sabotaging my chances of holding myself back from meeting a man I truly deserve.

  • ​I am clear about my natural wiring in business and how I communicate very differently in a romantic relationship.

  • ​I understand how to avoid dating the wrong men.

  • ​I have the knowledge about myself to attract Mr Extraordinary who is a 9 or 10 out of 10. 

  • ​I recognise when I am too assertive with men, or might even take full control of the situation.

Your Score
If you score is lower than 35. You will continue to repeat the same mistakes on your relationship journey. If you have scored 45-60. You may have fun dating but are still unlikely to meet someone you truly deserve who is also capable of building a long-term relationship that will thrive. 61-70 You are heading in the right direction. To fill in your gaps, if you want to attract Mr Extraordinary and dream to share your heart, life and future with a man you truly deserve, you will accelerate your next steps when you download your FREE Relationship Success Formula.  
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