Are you a woman with everything you could want?
But you don't have someone special in your life to share it with you! 

Would you love to find and settle down with your Mr Extraordinary?

Fed up with the dating game or men just looking for sex? Exhausted by meeting the wrong men and getting into unhealthy relationships? Working long hours because you feel lonely and want to keep yourself busy?  Haven't had a relationship in a while? Fearful of getting hurt again or making the same relationship mistakes?

Did you know you could be stopping yourself from finding the relationship you truly deserve?

Starting right now you can end your loneliness and accelerate your relationship happiness
Karen’s Pioneering ‘Find and Thrive’ Approach
Karen uses the Find and Thrive approach with you, and by truly applying it, you will discover how to find, attract and build your most loving and rewarding relationship you truly deserve. 
Step 1
   Initial half day session online or in person. Express your challenges, shift your thoughts and set next step goals. 

Step 2
Our follow-up conversations will support your new habits and new direction. 

Step 3
Ongoing coaching in your pocket support for 24/7 motivation leading to real results

Who is Karen Marshall?
Your Relationship Survival Revolution expert, a visionary and an accredited Coaching Academy Relationship Expert, Coach and Mentor.  Karen supports women who have everything in their life but they don't have someone special to share it with them.  Karen works with women who truly want to stand out as a unicorn to the right man she wants to attract to her.  
Today, Karen combines 7 years of research and study into the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them. Combining her professional skills and personal experience walking her talk, Karen has invested 2 years designing a unique toolkit every woman needs to know.  It's a proven, tried and tested Find and Thrive coaching approach following the priceless insights I have shared with you in my FREE guide and gift.  20 years of priceless knowledge you will receive in 20 minutes!

Karen discovered exactly what works and doesn’t work making all the mistakes most women make.  She then discovered how to accelerate her results applying what she learned. She recognised an incredible shift, also the same time she attracted the love of her life! 

Leaving her corporate marketing career, Karen has retained over the last 10 years as a qualified Wellbeing Expert only possible having met her Mr Extraordinary who lovingly supports her to follow her dreams always.  With her wellbeing knowledge in the mind, body and energy.  Walking her talk and transforming her own health, happiness and relationship success she is truly the right expert to accelerate your relationship happiness. Her training as a Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Barbara Brennan Energy Healer and experience of energy psychology, therapeutic inner child work and many healing techniques, Karen combines her skills and knowledge to help you fill your heart and life with your missing ingredient to meet your Mr Extraordinary you never thought to be possible!
Jo and Vanessa will tell you how my unique accelerated F.I.N.D. and Thrive approach worked for them when you scroll down below!

My Story - Karen was 28 when she ended her 11-year relationship believing someone else would make her happier. Any short-term relationships then didn’t last beyond 2 years. Meeting her Prince Charming at the age of 33, she believed he was Right for her.  Instead he left her heartbroken.  The pain of her relationship breaking down that was out of her control became her biggest gift and the catalyst that completely transformed her life. 

Applying her relationship secrets in her own life, Karen today shares her life, dreams and future with the love of her life. “I never thought I would get married or meet a man I truly loved who cherished me in a way I had never experienced before". I now share my heart and life with the love of my life and a gift of love I truly cherish and never take for granted

Having achieved the results in my life to recognise, find, attract and build the most incredible relationship, I am the right expert to help you to super-accelerate your relationship happiness to find your Mr Extraordinary and build the most loving and healthy relationship of your life!

5 Star Reviews for Karen’s Relationship Coaching
Find your missing ingredient!
I discovered some absolute gems working with Karen. Vanessa is now married to Jason the love of her life!
Vanessa – Consultant, Bucks
Transform your life!
Karen helped me realise my values were all wrong. Her knowledge about energy and communication really appealed. Overall the programme really exceeded my expectations. Jo is now building a future with Bill. in her words, the best relationship she has ever had!
Jo – Branding Specialist, London
Discover what’s important
Karen demonstrates a breadth of in-depth knowledge and draws on her extensive toolkit and experience, whilst being sensitive and understanding to your individual situation. 
Leila – Account Executive, Berks
Who Karen Works With
Karen works with women who have everything they want, but they don't have someone special to share it with them.  You may have a fantastic job, love to travel, have your own  home, a great social life and possibly a family too.  But if you also want to avoid making the same relationship mistakes, or you are fearful of being hurt again, I will share the secrets with you to attract the love of your life. or a man unlike any other man who may have let you down or hurt you before.   It worked for me and also the incredible women I have helped so far to succeed on their love journey!  

I specificially focus on women you have been single or divorced a while. Whether you feel ready or not, now is the perfect time to help prepare you in advance of meeting your special someone.  You will need time to reset your heart and relationship compass towards the right direction.  Investing in a new approach today, I will show you how to attract your missing ingredient or the piece of your puzzle you would love to share your life with!

When we work together, in person or virtually, you’ll understand what is holding you back and how you can put things right. You’ll will gain an invaluable toolkit to end your loneliness and despair. 

You will discover how to recognise  a man, beyond sex and chemistry who is capable of satisfing your deeper emotional needs for a lasting relationship to thrive and survive.  You will need this awareness before you meet him, to recognise why he is right for you! 

With a new perspective you will fast-track your life towards the most loving and incredible man and relationship you cannot imagine right now!  The women I have worked didn't believe it was possible either until they met the men of their dreams!

Are you ready to fill your heart and life with your magical ingredients?  Sign up today and get the invaluable secrets you need to know immediately  to transform your heart and happiness!

Get Your FREE priceless 7 Step Guide.....To Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship Success if you:
  • Want to stop wasting any more time or your life making the same relationship mistakes most women make (without realising it).  The easy to follow guide will share the secrets in 7 simple steps that took me 20 years to figure out.  You will get them in 20 minutes!
  • ​Very quickly you will understand what you need to do differently, or you will keep facing the same obstacles that will keep holding you back or showing up.
  • ​​If you keep doing the same things you will get the same old results.  Read this guide and you will be blown away!  
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What’s critical for you to get right NOW on your relationship journey? What’s going to happen in the future if you don’t get this handled? – a chat with Karen could change everything. Tell her below your biggest challenge right now, leaving her your contact details and a good time to call you.

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